Jan Macek

    Jan Macek is a lawyer and partner with David & Macek, advokátní kancelář, s.r.o. and specializes in contractual law, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, real estate law and procedural law. In his practice, Jan Macek provides his clients with services in the preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts, chiefly EPC contracts, purchase agreements, contracts for work and real estate contracts. Mr. Macek is also engaged in advisory in changes of company form and the sale of or investment in manufacturing plants or parts thereof. Jan is further engaged in the representation of clients in legal and arbitration proceedings in both the Czech Republic and abroad. Jan Macek’s professional interests have seen him participate in the following projects, amongst others, as a legal consultant:

Negotiation of commercial transactions contractual law

  • legal consultation in relation to the preparation and negotiation of contractual documentation for the supply of the planned construction of Blocks 3 and 4 of the Temelín Nuclear Power Station;
  • legal consultation in the preparation and negotiation of contractual documentation for supplies for the construction of the PAKS Nuclear Power Station in Hungary;
  • preparation and negotiation of several dozen EPC contracts for energy sector supply;
  • preparation and negotiation of a joint-venture contract with a foreign entity with regard to the supply of railway vehicles to the Czech market;
  • participation in the preparation and agreement of the purchase of a major Czech food producer and its subsequent restructuring;
  • preparation and negotiation of several contracts for an electricity producer active in the Czech Republic and abroad regarding the purchase of shares and stakes in other electricity producers;
  • legal consultation in the sale of a major brick manufacturer, including securing the transfer of extraction areas for raw materials for brickmaking and proceedings before the mining authority; and
  • legal consultation and representation in the sale of two prestigious spas in Moravia.

Corporate law

  • preparation and complete provision of services for the merger of several companies in the lending sector;
  • structuring of the division of a major company administering a significant debt portfolio, resulting in the creation of a new company;
  • preparation and complete provision of services for the merger of two major pension companies (including their pension funds);
  • preparation of the merger of two brickmaking companies active on the Czech market; and
  • complete legal consultation for the increase of the base capital in a large number of companies, with contributions being businesses (manufacturing plants) or parts thereof or aggregates of moveable and immoveable assets.

Procedural law

  • representation of creditors in wide-ranging insolvency proceedings that have lasted years, including representation in incident disputes, disputes on the exclusion of real estate from the proceedings and so on;
  • representation of a client in a complicated international arbitration in Copenhagen (Denmark);
  • representation of a client in several related international disputes before the Commercial Court in Vienna (Austria);
  • representation of an association of professional sports clubs before the Arbitration Court of the Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Czech Agrarian Chamber in a complicated dispute with its marketing partner; and
  • regular representation in many, primarily commercial, disputes before the courts of the Czech Republic.
    Prior to founding David & Macek, advokátní kancelář, s.r.o., Jan Macek worked for more than thirteen years for major Czech law firms. Jan Macek graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague and has maintained his law practice since 2000.